History Of Peaceful Coexistence In The Context Of Indo-Arab Multilateral Relations; A Review

پُرامن بقائے باہمی کی تاریخ، ہند و عرب کثیر جہتی تعلقات کے تناظر میں؛ ایک جائزہ

Dr. Ateef ul Rahman
Visiting Lecturer Federal Urdu University, Islamabad
Email: [email protected]
Muhammad Askari
PhD Scholar Iinternational Islamic University Islamabad
Email: [email protected]

Indo-Arab multilateral relations have a long and very old history which back to time of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and even earlier. Even after the advent of Islam, Indo-Arab relations became close, deeper, more friendly, stable and wider. Due to these multifaceted and deep relations, the universal message of Islam reached the subcontinent. The main objectives of the article is to highlight the importance of inter-faith interaction by comprehensively reviewing Indo-Arab relations. In this article, the sharing of Indo-Arab beliefs, religious tolerance and peaceful coexistence, including trade, social, cultural and educational relations, the mention of Indian objects in the Qur’an and Hadith and Arabic poetry, the Prophet’s dialogue with Indians living in Arabia and the call to Islam and at the result arrival of Islam in India are mentioned.
Keywords: Tolerance, Peaceful coexistence, Indo-Arab, multilateral relations, Trade, Social, Cultural, Educational, Prophet, Islam


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