Problems of Female Education in District

BiBi Fatima, Wahid Hussain

BiBi Fatima
Department of Sociology, GGDC NO.1 Parachinar, District Kurram
Wahid Hussain
Department of Botany, GPGC Parachinar, District Kurram
Email: [email protected]

Education is a fundamental right of every individual. Today, these societies have excelled in all fields of life where men and women receive equal education opportunities. This research study focuses on various co-education issues in Kurram District. The main research question was what are the main causes and their impacts on coeducation. However, in some societies, certain obstacles prevent girls from getting an education. This research study focuses on the challenges of co-education in Kurram District. The main objective is to explore the causes and impacts of these challenges. The study critically analyzes Kurram society from different perspectives and draws conclusions based on a literature review. The findings indicate that there are several sociocultural, political, economic, and religious barriers to co-education in Pukhtoon society. These include the patriarchal system, male dominance, conservatism, rigid customs and traditions, stereotyped social codes, poverty, male isolation from female role, complex social structure, Pardah (veil) system, religious misperceptions, illiterate Mullah (clergymen), gender disparities, female segregation, domestic affairs, and lack of political empowerment of women. The study recommends that removing these obstacles could help advance girls’ education.
Keywords: Female, education, Bachelor, System, Kurram


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