Uswa Journal of Research (UJR) is a multi-disciplinary Peer Review, biannual, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Journal, Published by Uswa Institute of Higher Education Islamabad. Its paid attention to scholarly works dealing with, Education, English, Urdu, Islamic Studies, International Relation, Sociology, economics, History, geography, anthropology, and Political Science. The board governing the UJR comprises locally and internationally renowned scholars and researchers. The UJR accepts and acknowledges scholarly, unpublished, original manuscripts. UJR emphasizes and promotes freedom of expression and constructive argument within its domain. It follows Higher Education Commission of Pakistan’s principles and rules.


The main objective of this journal is: To provide a platform for all creative and critical minded researchers and scholars who are interested in contributing knowledge in the field of social sciences and humanities. In addition, it will encourage thinkers, teachers, scholars and students who are willing to serve humanity by sharing their original thoughts, experiences and knowledge.

This research journal will acknowledge research works on the basis of their originality and soundness. It will have zero tolerance policy against plagiarism and controversial material that may result in disputes among nations, countries and schools of thought.

It will follow all rules and regulations set by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan and publish only those research articles that will meet the criteria set by HEC.

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