Buddha’s Teachings: Influence on Culture and Politics in Indian Sub-continent

Ateef Ur Rehman Yousufzai, Faisal ur Rehman

1. Ateef Ur Rehman Yousufzai
PhD Scholar, University of Sargodha
2. Faisal ur Rehman
PHD Research Scholar International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI)

Buddhism is one of the largest and popular religion/philosophy in South & Southeast Asia. Siddhartha Gautama Buddha-a spiritual reformer & teacher-was the founder of the said religion/ philosophy. His teachings and beliefs spread over South and Southeast Asia like Japan, China, Burma, Sri Lanka and India etc. Buddha’s teachings had affected almost every field and department of life. But this article aims to highlight the influence of the teachings of Buddha on society, culture and politics, also a bit comparative study of both Islam and Buddhism. This research also deals the expertise and life style of Buddha, his thoughts, when and how it raised.
Key words: Life, Beliefs, Teachings, Gautama Buddha.


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