Guidelines for Authors

  1. Uswa Journel for Research (UJR) is a peer-reviewed journal.
  2. UJR is bi-annual and bi-lingual. Papers can be submitted in either in English or Urdu.
  3. The UJR is open for all unpublished papers falling under any discipline related to Social Sciences, and Humanities.
  4. Article must have an appropriate title and a number of sections. The article ,, c vv should include the purpose/objectives of the research, review of literature methods of the study, main body, a summery, conclusions and references.
  5. These author(s) details should be included:
    a) Full Name
    b) Designation
    c) Name of the Organization
    d) City
    e) Country &
    f) E-mail ID.
  6. Abstract: All manuscripts must be accompanied by a brief abstract. Abstract should not exceed 150-200 words.
  7. Key Words: Authors must mention 5-10 key words. Key words should be listed alphabetically, separated by commas, and full stop at the end.
  8. Papers should be written according to the standards and principles of the research work.
  9. Manuscript: Manuscripts must be between 4000 – 7000 words. Utmost care should be taken to avoid any spelling or grammatical errors.
  10. Similarities should not exceed 15%.
  11. References in English should be as:
    a. For Article Reference:
    Ahmed, Rana Navid , Sadia Shaukat, and Muhammad Abiodullah . 2009. “Role of Different Educational Systems in the Development of Moral and Social Traits in Pakistani Students.” Journal of Behavioural Sciences 19 (10): 60-73.
    b. For Book Reference:
    Aamili, Hurre. 2010. AL Wasail . Najaf: Ahya E Turath Arabi.
    c. For Encyclopedia References
    CH. Pellat, “Hayawan” the encyclopedia of islam, eds.B. Lewis V. L Menage. CH. Pellat and J. Schacht (Leiden. E. J. Brill.1986) 3:305.
    d. For Website References
    McDonalds Happy Meal Toy Safety Facts” McDonald’s Corporation, accessed July 71, 2008 http//
  12. Submission Guidelines for Authors
    a) Manuscript must be submitted electronically through the editor email address ([email protected])
    b) Articles shall be in MS-Word 2013 duly formatted according to the guidelines and publication policy of the UJR.
    c) Acceptance of a paper is subject to the approval of the chief editor and. reviewers.
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