Uswa Journal of Research

Volume:2 Issue: 2 July - December 2022

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Vol. 3 No: 1

Published June 28, 2023


ساجد علی
سیرت النبیؑ کی روشنی میں اہم سماجی اصول کا تجزیاتی مطالعہ
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Dr. Ali Hussain
Email: [email protected]
An Analytical Study on Islamic Perspective of Wisdom
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Shafaq Khan: [email protected]
Muhammad Ilyas: [email protected]
MPhil Scholars, Department of English, MIU, AJ&K
Exploring The Standpoints of Marginalized: A Critical Study of Kathryn Stockett’s Novel, The Help
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BiBi Fatima
Department of Sociology, GGDC NO.1 Parachinar, District Kurram
Wahid Hussain
Department of Botany, GPGC Parachinar, District Kurram
Kurram: A Case Study of BS Students of Government Post Graduate College
Email: [email protected]
Problems of Female Education in District
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