Effect of Family Structure on Students’ Emotional Maturity at Secondary Level

Muzamil Hussain Al Hussaini,
Muhammad Khizir Abbas,
Asma Naureen
Asia Najeeb

The focus of the study was on the impact of family structure on students’ emotional maturity at the secondary level. The major objective of this study was to identify the impact of family structure on students’ emotional maturity level who were studying in government secondary schools in district Bhakkar. In the population, the boys and girls of Govt secondary school of district Bhakkar were included, and samples had been taken via Krejice and Morgan 1970 Table. data was collected through a constructed questionnaire that contained two parts i.e family structure and emotional maturity. Data analysis was processed through SPSS volume 20. Conclusions were drawn and recommendations were made on the result for the future. According to findings, a higher level of education in a family means a higher level of emotional maturity. The negative impact of broken family structure was observed 53% on students’ emotional maturity in district Bhakkar. While educated families have a positive impact on students’ emotional maturity. While on the other hand, conclusions reveal that School, parental involvement, and family structure are the vital key drivers with a direct or indirect link to students’ emotional maturity. In the recommendation section, it has been suggested that to reduce the negative impacts on families, the Punjab Government should initiate guidance and counseling programs for the care of such children from broken families.
Keywords: Family Structure – Broken Family – Educated Family – Uneducated Family – Emotional Maturity


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